15/91 Express Lanes Connector

Status: Pre-Construction

Location: Western Riverside County

Type of Project: Express Lanes

Location: Interstate 15 and State Route 91, Corona

Construction: Planned to begin in spring 2021; anticipated opening by 2023

Investment: $270 million


RCTC, in partnership with Caltrans, is preparing to build the 15/91 Express Lanes Connector, which will link the future 15 Express Lanes currently under construction to the 91 Express Lanes. A new connection will be provided from the eastbound 91 Express Lanes to the future northbound 15 Express Lanes and from the future southbound 15 Express Lanes to the westbound 91 Express Lanes.

The 15/91 Express Lanes Connector is designed to provide a seamless transition between these Riverside County tolling systems for reliable, convenient travel for Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Norco and Corona residents and express buses.

The project will:

  • Allow a seamless transition for motorists between the existing 91 Express Lanes and future 15 Express Lanes
  • Reduce congestion and improve traffic operations
  • Enhance safety
  • Increase travel time reliability

The project is fully funded, and RCTC awarded a design-build contract in April 2020. Design is under way, and construction is expected to start in spring 2021. The connector is anticipated to open in 2023.

Construction is planned to begin in spring 2021, and the connector is expected to open in 2023.

  • 2017: RCTC receives $180 million in funding from Senate Bill 132 and the Commission approves amending existing contracts and/or pursuing new contracts to expedite project delivery
  • 2018: RCTC prepares preliminary design and environmental studies
  • 2019: Commission approves funding gap by authorizing the allocation of $90 million from surplus toll revenue and staff begins procurement for a design-build contractor
  • April 2020: Commission approves design-build contractor and design work begin in spring 2020.
  • Spring 2021: Construction expected to begin.
  • 2023: Connector anticipated to open


Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIS/EIR):

The Supplemental Project Report and Environmental Revalidation documents were approved in June 2019: