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RCTC is adding two express lanes to I-15 in both directions

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Widening Route 60 in the Badlands between Moreno Valley and Beaumont

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Construction has begin on the Route 91 Pachappa Underpass

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The Interstate 15 Railroad Canyon Interchange Project construction is under way

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Less Traffic is No License to Speed

The Point: Slow down and keep our construction crews safe

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RCTC Seeks Community Support for 71/91 Interchange Funding

The Point: Support will strengthen application for state funding to upgrade interchange

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Commission unanimously adopts Traffic Relief Plan for Riverside County

The Point: The Traffic Relief Plan is a local strategy to improve traffic flow, safety, and economic opportunity in Riverside County

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New 91 Westbound Lane Moves Closer to Construction

The Point: Commission approves construction management contract for new lane between Green River Road and 241; next step is construction bids

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Crews for the Pachappa Underpass are drilling, placing beams, and pouring concrete for a new retaining wall along the 91, north of Central Avenue. Thanks to our crews for their hard work.

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