RCTC supports transit operators throughout Riverside County to provide many alternatives to driving.


Riverside County operates seven local bus services. RCTC works with the local agencies to ensure a smooth ride for passengers throughout the county.

RCTC is responsible by statute for developing and approving a Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) for Riverside County (PUC 130303). The SRTP is intended to serve three purposes:

  • Identify the transit services and capital improvements required to meet the transit needs of Riverside County over a three-year period and the proposed sources of funding to carry out the plan
  • Serve as a management tool for the operators to guide their activities over the next year
  • Provide justification for operating and capital assistance for grant applications to be submitted to state and federal funding agencies

To assist the transit operators, RCTC provides the following information to the transit operators:

  • Guidelines for developing the SRTP
  • Estimated revenues for the upcoming fiscal year
  • Schedule for plan development
  • Technical assistance

Each of the transit operators prepares the plans for their respective agency. Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) has been delegated to coordinate the plans for the western Riverside County bus operators and ensuring that projected costs for the combined operations are commensurate with revenue estimates. Sunline Transit Agency serves the Coachella Valley Transit Agency.

RCTC is responsible for approving the plans for all of the operators and must ensure that the SRTPs are consistent with the Regional Transportation Plan.

RCTC also has the responsibility for determination or approval of the location, staging, scheduling and capacity of all capital development projects, and for the selection and approval of appropriate mass transit hardware and technology.

Once RCTC approves and adopts the SRTP’s, the operators are charged with following through with implementation of the plans. Any deviation from the plan must be immediately reported to RCTC (PUC 130057), and if the change is substantive, a plan amendment must be approved by RCTC. The allocation of funds for the upcoming fiscal year is based on approved SRTPs.


RCTC has long demonstrated a strong commitment to assist the mobility of those with special transit needs.  Through the Specialized Transit Program, RCTC has provided millions of dollars to public and non-profit transit operators for the provision of specialized transit services to improve mobility and ensure independence of seniors, low-income and individuals with disabilities.  It is through this program that:

• Someone who is disabled can go to work on his or her own;
• Someone who is aged can shop at the neighborhood grocery;
• Someone who is low on money can get to the doctor;
• And more…

The Specialized Transit Program is mainly supported by Measure A, Riverside County’s voter-approved half-cent sales tax for transportation.  Federal funding through the Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program also provides grant funds for capital and operating projects to support transport of seniors or individuals with disabilities, where public transportation services are unavailable, insufficient and inappropriate.

For more information, please see Section 5310 Funding within the Federal Transit Administration section.

To review or download the Transportation Coordinated Plan, please click here.


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