Perris-South Metrolink Station and Layover Facility

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Status: Pre-Construction

Location: Perris-South Metrolink Station, Perris

Type of Project: Rail Station Improvements

Location: Perris-South Metrolink Station, Perris

Final Design: January 2023 to summer 2024

Construction: Anticipated late 2024 to summer 2026

Investment: Estimated $25 million (total cost)


The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), in partnership with the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink), Caltrans, and the City of Perris, is expanding the Perris-South Metrolink Station. This station serves as the end point for the 91/Perris Valley Line, north of Ethanac Road.

The project will add a second passenger loading platform at the station, along with canopies and other passenger amenities. To accommodate the new platform, 1,100 feet of new station track will be added to allow two passenger trains to board and deboard at the same time. This new track will also allow the station to remain operational if a train is out of service on one set of tracks.

The project also includes construction of a fourth track at the Perris-South layover maintenance facility. This will include building new track and installing a new switch for trains to change tracks. This will improve Metrolink service operations and efficiency by allowing more trains to be stored overnight.

Project design began in late January 2023 and is expected to take approximately 1.5 years.

Construction is anticipated to start in late 2024 and be completed in summer 2026.