Location: Western Riverside County between San Jacinto and Perris

Construction: Short Range


The Mid County Parkway is a new 16-mile transportation corridor designed to relieve east-west traffic congestion between the San Jacinto and Perris areas and help address transportation needs through 2040.

Major transportation routes in southwestern Riverside County are experiencing significant traffic congestion. Traffic volumes near the proposed Mid County Parkway are projected to double in some segments and triple in other segments. A new east-west transportation link is essential to reduce traffic congestion and enhance the quality of life for the area. The Mid County Parkway will connect to State Route 79, Interstate 215, and multimodal bus and rail facilities that support Metrolink’s 91/Perris Valley Line.

The Mid County Parkway is in the expenditure plan for Measure A, the voter-approved half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in Riverside County. Measure A will fund a portion of the project.

Work is under way now for final design of the Interstate 215 Placentia Avenue Interchange, the first of several design packages for the project. Construction of the new interchange is estimated to start in spring 2020.

RCTC also is working to fulfill its environmental mitigation commitments:

  • Under the Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan, RCTC has acquired more than 177 acres of land to mitigate project impacts to sensitive plants and wildlife.
  • RCTC is designing a site to mitigate impacts to aquatic resources in order to obtain a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • RCTC also is preparing a Cultural Landscape Study to mitigate project impacts to historic properties.

Funding for the Mid County Parkway will be provided by a combination of Measure A, the voter-approved half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in Riverside County; TUMF fees; and state and federal dollars. RCTC is working closely with Caltrans and FHWA so that the proposed roadway will meet state and federal standards and be eligible for state and federal funding.

Construction Package #1, the I-215 Placentia Avenue Interchange, is expected to begin construction in spring 2020. Please watch for updates regarding future Construction Packages.

  • July 2009: In response to comments received from the public on the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) for the proposed original Mid County Parkway between Interstate 15 and State Route 79, RCTC took action to focus the project limits to the portion between I-215 and SR-79.
  • January 2013: RCTC recirculated the Draft EIR/EIS for public review for the refocused project.
  • January 2014: RCTC recirculated revised sections of the Draft EIR (air quality, greenhouse gases, climate change, and Table 4.10) for public review.
  • April 2015: RCTC approved the final EIR for the Mid County Parkway.
  • August 2015: The Federal Highway Administration approved the Record of Decision. Following environmental approvals by RCTC and FHWA, RCTC initiated work on the final design of the Mid County Parkway and began to implement the mitigation commitments stipulated in the Final EIR/EIS.
  • November 2016: RCTC awarded a design contract for the I-215 Placentia Avenue Interchange in November 2016, the first of several design packages for the project.
  • July 2017: RCTC prevailed in court against a CEQA challenge to the project – Click here for more information.
  • July 2018: RCTC Resolves Litigation for project – Click here for more information
  • August 2018: RCTC issues Request for Qualifications for construction management services for the I-215 Placentia Avenue Interchange Project.

Environmental Documents

    • Record of Decision (Aug 2015), click here.
    • Federal Register Notice of Limitations on Claims for Judicial Review of Actions by the FHWA pursuant to 23 U.S.C 139 and other Federal agencies, click here.

Volume I - Chapters 1 - 2 and Chapters 4 - 7

Vol I Cover.pdf – 72.17 KB
1.0 Proposed Project.pdf – 5.30 MB
2.0 Project Alternatives.pdf – 56.48 MB
4.0 CEQA.pdf – 763.30 KB
5.0 Comments and Coordination.pdf – 349.48 KB
6.0 List of Preparers.pdf – 41.99 KB
7.0 Distribution List.pdf – 320.69 KB
Master TOC.pdf – 58.38 KB
Summary.pdf – 479.81 KB

Volume 1 - Chapter 3

Volume II (Appendicies A-I and Appendicies K-N)

Volume II (Appendix J-Supplemental Ch 5 Attachments)

App J Supplemental Ch 5 Attachments.pdf – 92.14 KB
Attachment J-1.pdf – 9.73 MB
Attachment J-2_1.pdf – 2.41 MB
Attachment J-2_10.pdf – 219.89 KB
Attachment J-2_11.pdf – 1.74 MB
Attachment J-2_12.pdf – 8.16 MB
Attachment J-2_13.pdf – 531.94 KB
Attachment J-2_14.pdf – 1.74 MB
Attachment J-2_2.pdf – 2.58 MB
Attachment J-2_3.pdf – 1.95 MB
Attachment J-2_4.pdf – 1.45 MB
Attachment J-2_5.pdf – 13.24 MB
Attachment J-2_6.pdf – 394.75 KB
Attachment J-2_7.pdf – 755.16 KB
Attachment J-2_8.pdf – 3.26 MB
Attachment J-2_9.pdf – 6.31 MB
Attachment J-3.pdf – 17.56 MB
Attachment J-4.pdf – 20.93 MB
Attachment J-5.pdf – 2.87 MB
Attachment J-6.pdf – 5.97 MB
Attachment J-7.pdf – 791.41 KB

Volume III

Vol III Cover.pdf – 64.50 KB
App O Parcel Acquisitions.pdf – 342.94 MB
App P Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring.pdf – 17.19 MB
App Q References.pdf – 73.07 KB
App R Index.pdf – 108.43 KB
App S RTC.pdf – 105.52 MB
App T MSHCP.pdf – 47.66 MB
App U MOA.pdf – 46.78 MB
App V RTC.pdf – 8.22 MB
App W BO.pdf – 662.15 KB

  1. Addendum to the Community Impact Assessment (January 2012; 21 MB)
  2. Air Quality Analysis (March 2012; 7 MB)
  3. Archaeological Evaluation Proposal (November 2007)
    Contact RCTC: Confidential Content
  4. Community Impact Assessment (June 2008; 150 MB)
  5. Draft Preliminary Drainage Report (March 2011; 37 MB)
  6. Draft Project Report (November 2012; Approved January 2013; 2 MB)

  7. Draft Relocation Impact Report (December 2011; 700 KB)
  8. Extended Phase I Survey Proposal (May 2007)
    Contact RCTC: Confidential Content
  9. Finding of Effect (November 2012)
    Contact RCTC: Confidential Content
  10. Hazardous Waste Initial Site Assessment (July 2011; 7 MB)
  11. Historic Property Survey Report (June 2012)
    Contact RCTC: Confidential Content
  12. Natural Environmental Study (July 2008; 146 MB)
    (Appendicices A-R) Jurisdictional Delineation Report (May 2007; revised February 2008):

  13. Noise Abatement Decision Report (April 2012; 19 MB)
  14. Noise Study Report (January 2012; 161 MB)
  15. Paleontological Resources Identification and Evaluation Report (March 2008; 494 MB)
  16. Preliminary Geotechnical Design Report for the Project Report and Environmental Document (March 2008; 43 MB)
  17. Preliminary Recommendations of Eligibility and Level of Effects Report (July 2008)
    Contact RCTC: Confidential Content
  18. Storm Water Data Report (October 2011; 11 MB)
  19. Summary of Floodplain Encroachment (September 2011; 145 MB) Includes: Location Hydraulic Studies
  20. Supplemental Extended Phase 1 Proposal (October 2007)
    Contact RCTC: Confidential Content
  21. Supplemental Paleontological Resources Identification and Evaluation Report (September 2011; 47 MB)
  22. Supplement to the Natural Environment Study (December 2011; 33 MB) Includes: Potential Impacts of Alternatives to Waters of the United States, Riparian Ecosystems, and Threatened and Endangered Species (October 2011) and Supplemental Jurisdiction Delineation Report (October 2011)
  23. Errata Memorandum for the Supplement to the Natural Environment Study (November 2012; 2 MB)
  24. Traffic Technical Report (February 2012; 23 MB)
  25. Visual Impact Assessment (August 2011; 19 MB)
  26. Water Quality Assessment Report (6 MB)

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