The Point: Watch for new conditions, annual back-to-school traffic increases

Travel lanes have shifted toward the median on both northbound and southbound Interstate 15 near State Route 91, allowing crews to work safely along the outside shoulders of I-15. The traffic shift began last week for the Riverside County Transportation Commission’s 15 Express Lanes Project.

No lanes have been removed for the traffic shift, and the lanes are the same feet in width. However, the new conditions require drivers to transition toward the median shortly after crossing the 91.

Motorists are reminded to watch for the new conditions and follow the 55 mile per hour speed limit through the construction zone on I-15 from State Route 60 to Cajalco Road.

Traffic shifts also are occurring further north on I-15 this week near the Limonite Avenue Interchange. RCTC has completed paving within the median and is transferring this construction area to the Riverside County Transportation Department – a separate agency – to build the new I-15 Limonite Avenue Interchange.

This time of year also returns more drivers to the roadways, due to schools and colleges reopening after the summer break.

Please be mindful of spikes in traffic volumes throughout the area, new student drivers near high schools, and more pedestrians on local streets. Speed limits in school zones are 25 miles per hour.

For information about the 15 Express Lanes Project or the I-15 Limonite Avenue Interchange, please visit or