The Point: College of the Desert Students Can Catch a Free Ride

SunLine Transit Agency has launched its new Haul Pass program, which provides free unlimited SunBus rides for students actively enrolled in College of the Desert.

“Helping college students access campus activities, work and leisure destinations through SunLine’s transit network is an exciting addition to our service,” said Lauren Skiver, CEO/General Manager of SunLine Transit Agency. “SunLine is pleased to partner with our higher learning institutions to improve residents’ access to college and help remove barriers that prevent youth from obtaining a degree.”

SunLine received a $696,048 grant from California’s Low Carbon Transit Operations Program to fund the three-year program. The Agency will cover 100 percent of the costs for the first year and aims to partner with additional campuses in the Coachella Valley to create a self-sustaining program.

To ride, students will swipe their active student ID card through the SunBus fare box card reader. The program is available not only for transportation to and from the College of the Desert, but also for traveling to work, shopping, going to the movies, or other leisure activities. Students also may use their college ID cards for unlimited local fixed route transit trips any day of the week. The SunDial paratransit service and Commuter Link 220 are excluded from the program.

SunLine can assist with trip planning over the phone or the Agency offers free group training and one-on-one travel training for anyone who is new to transit or needs assistance. Sunline’s SunBus Tracker App, along with, are other trip planning resources. For more information, call Customer Service at 760-343-3451.