The Point: Joining a vanpool saves time, costs, and the environment

The wheels on the vanpool go round and round, round and round, round and round… With that tune now stuck in your head, remember that RCTC’s VanClub is a great option for traveling to work…all through the town.

What is RCTC’s VanClub? The program provides eligible Riverside County vanpools a $400 per month subsidy toward the cost of a vanpool lease, which includes vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, and insurance. The subsidy amount varies and is applied to the cost of the vanpool lease, subject to eligibility and restrictions.

VanClub member James E. is a fan of the program. He recently explained, “Vanpooling has made my 100-mile daily commute manageable. Sharing the commute with others provides camaraderie. It also reduces my carbon emissions and saves money. Driving alone no longer makes sense.” There are many others who feel the same way.

0822 VanClub Banner 01

VanClub currently has 36 vanpools operating countywide. The service allows commuters to enjoy the many benefits of vanpooling:

  • Savings on fuel, tolls, and parking by sharing costs with fellow vanpoolers
  • Saving time with carpool lanes or express lanes
  • Reducing stress
  • Greater safety over driving a smaller car
  • Less maintenance costs on your personal vehicle
  • Qualifying for the $5/Day commuter rewards program
  • Security of a guaranteed ride home in case of an emergency or need to work late (restrictions apply)

Starting a VanClub vanpool is easy. All that is required is at least five riders (including the driver), leasing a 7-15 seat vehicle from an approved vendor, commuting more than 30 miles roundtrip each day, and commuting 12 days or more each month. Or, you might be able to join an existing vanpool too. All information on starting or joining VanClub can be found at

IE Commuter allows VanClub members in Riverside County to receive not only the $400 per month subsidy, but also to qualify for the $5/Day incentive. For a limited time, residents of neighboring counties who work in Riverside or San Bernardino counties may be eligible for the VanClub and $5/Day benefits. Visit for all requirements.

Concerned about getting home in case of an emergency or needing to work overtime? IE Commuter offers guaranteed rides home, through reimbursement for the cost of a Lyft/Uber ride, rental car, taxi, or public transit if you need to return home on a day that you vanpool. This benefit is available up to two times per year. Check to see if your employer is enrolled in the guaranteed ride home service or call 866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742) for assistance – we’re here to help.

Whether its vanpool, carpool, commuter rail, or transit there are many ways to get to and from work without having to use your own vehicle. Ridesharing can help reduce your commute costs, but it also contributes to better air quality too. Check it out today.