The Point: Fatalities due to railroad trespassing are local safety concern

September is Rail Safety Month and RCTC continues to partner with California Operation Lifesaver to increase awareness of the dangers of trespassing on railroad tracks in Riverside County.

Whether you are on foot or in a vehicle, being on or near railroad tracks in areas other than designated rail crossings is not only illegal, but also incredibly dangerous. Last year, 19 railroad trespass-related casualties were reported in Riverside County, making rail safety outreach a priority for both RCTC and California Operation Lifesaver.

With football season right around the corner, it helps to remember that a train traveling 55 mph takes the length of 18 football fields to stop – more than a mile! By the time the conductor sees you on the tracks, it likely will be too late for the train to avoid hitting you, causing death or serious injury.

STTT Football Field

From downtown Riverside to Box Springs to the Coachella Valley, there are hundreds of miles of railroad tracks in Riverside County. Every day, commuters, students, and residents must cross train tracks. Please remember to cross only at designated rail crossings.

RCTC is taking part in community events and visiting schools for in-person presentations and booths to educate communities about how to stay safe near tracks and trains. This comes at a critical time as Metrolink has increased rail service countywide, particularly on the 91/Perris Valley Line that passes through Perris, Riverside, and Corona to meet the region’s travel needs.

During Rail Safety Month and throughout the year, remember these safety tips from California Operation Lifesaver.