As part of SB 125, ridership information is made available to the public that includes information for all transit operators by service mode in Riverside County.

In July 2023, Senate Bill 125 (SB 125) was signed by the Governor and created the formula-based Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) and Zero Emission Transit Capital Program (ZETCP). A total of about $4 billion of general fund was appropriated to TIRCP over the next two years, and $910 million of cap-and-trade proceeds and $190 million of Public Transportation Account funding over the next four years established ZETCP. Funding for these programs are allocated to regional transportation planning agencies such as RCTC to fund transit operations, capital improvements, and zero-emission equipment and operations.

RCTC is identified to receive about $247.1 million for TIRCP and $39.8 million for ZETCP, for a total of $286.9 million. The funds will be distributed to transit operators and local jurisdictions throughout the county for zero-emission transition, grade separation improvements, and passenger rail service expansion projects.

SB 125 requires that ridership information be made available to the public. The table below includes the monthly ridership information for all transit operators by service mode in Riverside County.

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Most of the ridership data is based on information submitted by the transit operators to the National Transit Database (NTD), which is found here: Not all the transit operators in Riverside County are required to report to NTD, therefore, ridership data that is submitted directly to RCTC is also utilized. The ridership report will be updated monthly. Please note that there is a time delay from when the month ends and the transit ridership information is available for posting on the website.

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RCTC is seeking qualifed applicants for the CSTAC. The CSTAC is a 15-member advisory committee and is tasked with the following:

  • Advise RCTC on transit issues, including coordination of specialized transportation services;
  • Review and provide feedback on transit operators’ operating and capital plans; and
  • Serve as a liaison to help strengthen the public and specialized transit network by sharing and promoting various transportation services.


RCTC is looking for individuals that:

  • Represent a broad spectrum of the specialized transit population including seniors, disabled, and persons of limited means;
  • Demonstrate interest in community activities and transportation issues;
  • Live in Riverside County; and
  • Can dedicate no fewer than 20 hours per year to RCTC meetings/activities.

RCTC is bound by Public Utility Code Section 99238 that requires the CSTAC membership to include the following:

  • One representative of potential transit users who is 60 years of age or older.
  • One representative of potential transit users who is disabled.
  • Two representatives of local social service providers for seniors, including one representative of a social service transportation provider, if one exists.
  • Two representatives of local social service providers for the disabled, including one representative of a social service transportation provider, if one exists.
  • One representative of a local social service provider for persons of limited means.
  • Two representatives from the local consolidated transportation service agencies, including one representative from an operator, if one exists.




Submit your application via postal mail, email, or online form by March 27, 2024.

You can mail the completed application form and supporting documents to:

Riverside County Transportation Commission
CSTAC Application
P.O. Box 12008
Riverside, CA 92502-2208

Scan/email application and supporting documents:

The RCTC Board will approve the CSTAC members in spring 2024. You will be notified at that time if you have been selected and an orientation session will be scheduled.

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RCTC was established in 1976 by State law. Its purpose was to oversee funding and coordination of all public transportation services within Riverside County. RCTC is governed by a 34-member board composed of five county supervisors, one representative from each of the 28 cities, and a non-voting Governor’s appointee from Caltrans.

RCTC also oversees programs and projects included in the Measure A ordinance, a voter-approved ½ cent sales tax. Measure A was first passed in 1988 and renewed in 2002 which required a two-thirds approval from Riverside County voters.

RCTC is involved in all aspects of providing a comprehensive transportation system for Riverside County residents, including:

  • Reviewing and allocating federal, state, and local funds for highway, transit, rail, non-motorized travel (bicycle and pedestrian), and other transportation activities; and
  • Developing and implementing long-range transportation solutions.