The Point: Public support will strengthen applications for federal funding

We want to hear from you! The Riverside County Transportation Commission is seeking federal funding for four roadway and transit projects and wants residents and drivers to show their support.

Projects that generate significant backing from the public are more likely to receive Congressionally directed Community Project Funding. Funding applications are being reviewed by congressional offices now, so click here to show your support for any or all of these projects today. Eligible projects include:

– I-10 Highland Springs Avenue Interchange, Banning/Beaumont:
This interchange is the main connection between Interstate 10 and residential, retail, commercial, medical, and employment centers. The project would relieve traffic bottlenecks for motorists and emergency vehicles by reconfiguring lanes to the underpass and adding lanes to the ramps for better access.

– I-15 Corridor Operations Project, Corona/Temescal Valley:
Southbound Interstate 15 is an area of heavy traffic congestion, especially during the busiest afternoon commute hours. Also known as the 15 COP, this project would add a non-tolled lane to southbound I-15 between Cajalco Road in Corona and Weirick Road in Temescal Valley to improve traffic flow and address current and future needs.

– Moreno Valley/March Field Metrolink Station Improvements:
This Metrolink station is located between Riverside and Perris on the 91/Perris Valley Line. Station improvements would encourage use of passenger rail by adding a train platform and upgrading nearby tracks to create more efficient Metrolink service, a better public transit option for commuters, economic development near stations, and improved air quality.

– Smart Freeway Pilot Project, Temecula/Murrieta:
Drivers face daily heavy afternoon traffic congestion on northbound I-15 from the San Diego/Riverside County Line to the 15/215 Interchange in Murrieta. The Smart Freeway Pilot Project would use technology to track roadway conditions, adjust ramp metering, and provide real-time travel information to motorists, helping to improve safety, maintain traffic flow, promote economic efficiencies, and reduce pollution.

Visit to learn more about each project and show your support.