The Point: RCTC continues to provide rail safety education across the county

Did you know that a moving train can take up to a mile to come to a complete stop? According to the Federal Railroad Administration, California had the highest number of train-related incidents in the nation, with over 170 incidents in just 2022. With schools back in session and families coming home from vacation, there is no better time to learn about rail safety.

Over the years, RCTC has promoted Rail Safety Month in September through a partnership with California Operation Lifesaver to provide countless presentations to schools, set up tabling booths for communities across the county, and even put-up reminders on the silver screens in theaters. RCTC is committed to promoting rail safety awareness throughout Riverside, Beaumont, Perris, and other communities with train tracks.

Our commitment continues in 2023. Our rail safety team has produced a short video reminding the community about the dangers of train tracks.

As always, remember that:

  • The only safe place to cross railroad tracks is at designated crossings.
  • Railroad property is private property. It is illegal to be on the railroad right of way.
  • Never walk around or behind lowered gates at crossings and do not cross tracks until the flashing light have stopped.

This Rail Safety Month, we urge our community to “Keep Your Mind on Track and Your Feet Off the Tracks.” By adhering to basic rail safety guidelines, we can all significantly lower the rate of train-related incidents in our region. Join us on this vital journey to save lives. Share this message with family, friends, and colleagues, reinforcing the idea that rail safety is a collective responsibility crucial for a secure community.