The Point: Skip driving alone during Rideshare Week, October 3-7

Put a smile on your face by stepping away from the steering wheel and sliding into a carpool, vanpool, a seat on the train or bus, or even into your comfy walking shoes during Rideshare Week. RCTC is joining SoCal organizations, employers, and transit enthusiasts to Drive Less and Smile More this week.

By ridesharing, you are helping improve our region’s air quality and your health while reducing stress and saving money. That would make anyone smile!

Did we mention the prizes? Riverside County commuters who register with IE Commuter and log their rideshare and/or telework activity throughout October will be entered into a drawing for prizes including a new Apple Watch, iPad mini, commuter bike courtesy of Cyclery USA, and a whale watching trip from Dana Wharf. Visit to see the complete list of prizes and sponsors.

Why stop there? We’ve got additional incentives to keep you ridesharing beyond October. Register with IE Commuter to get access to programs that will have you grinning ear-to-ear like:

  • Our popular $5/Day Program: Rideshare to work and earn up to $125 in gift cards. Residents of Riverside and San Bernardino counties who log at least five rideshare trips (riding the bus or train, taking a vanpool or carpool, biking or walking) to work for three consecutive months may be eligible for this fantastic incentive.
  • Ready for the spotlight? Ride the bus, train, vanpool, carpool, bike, or walk to work, and you could win a prize valued at up to $100 and a chance to be in the Monthly Rideshare Spotlight.
  • Telework is a win-win! Join the Monthly Telework Spotlight, log your telework days, and earn entries towards the monthly prize drawing valued at up to $100!

Don’t let a last-minute schedule change keep you from ridesharing. If you have an emergency at home or unexpected overtime, you’ll be reimbursed the cost of a Lyft/Uber or other transportation network company ride, rental car, taxi, or transit option to return home twice each year. IE Commuter’s Guaranteed Ride Home program has you covered.

Let IE Commuter help you discover your best commute by calling 1-866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742) or using the Live Chat at  Enjoy the rideshare miles and smiles ahead!