The Point: The Commission reviewed and approved the $1.3 billion budget

The Riverside County Transportation Commission adopted a $1.3 billion annual budget to fund critical transportation projects and services this month. With the approval of the budget, the Commission set its funding priorities for transportation investments that will help communities across Riverside County.

The priorities include providing direct funding to cities and the County for local road improvement projects. Funding for regionally significant programs and projects such as highway improvements, transit and passenger rail operations, and major corridor improvements are also highlighted in the budget.

RCTC’s budget is project-driven and also encompasses all transportation services and programs administered by RCTC. Significant project and program investments include:

The Commission also approved the FY 2024/25 Short Range Transit Plans (SRTP) which are three to five year plans for Riverside County’s operators including the Riverside Transit Agency, Sunline Transit, Palo Varde Valley Transit Agency, Banning Connect, Beaumont Transit, Corona Cruiser, Riverside Connect, and RCTC’s Rail and Vanpool programs.

RCTC, as the transportation planning agency, is responsible by statute to review and approve SRTPs with the intention of identifying transit services and capital improvements, help guide operators’ activities, and to provide justification for operating and capital assistance.

The Commission’s fiscal year annual budget demonstrates RCTC’s financial prudence and strategic planning. The budget identifies funding from local, state, and federal funding sources. Through Measure A, the voter-approved ½ cent sales tax measure, RCTC is able to leverage local funds, while also tapping into federal and state funding, ensuring the stability and success of projects, programs, and services in our communities. To ensure transparency, independent audits of expenditures are made available at  

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