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For $3 or less, inland commuters can cut through 91 traffic on Route 200 while enjoying free Wi-Fi, charging ports and comfortable seats.


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The I-15 Express Lanes Project construction is underway.



Use the interactive map legend below to check current status on lane closures, incidents, message signs, cameras, and chain controls.


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RCTC The Point Holiday Experience Article Image

RCTC Connects Metrolink Riders with Dazzling Holiday Experiences

The Point: RCTC and agencies partner to provide special Metrolink trains to Festival of Lights and Tournament of Roses Parade.

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71/91 Interchange in Corona nominated for state funding

The Point: RCTC is pursuing $92.7 million of SB 1 dollars to improve safety and efficiency where the 71 and 91 highways meet.

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New Express Bus Service in 91 Express Lanes Starts January 14

The Point: For $3 or less, inland commuters can cut through 91 traffic on Route 200 while enjoying free Wi-Fi, charging ports and comfortable seats.

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RCTC saves taxpayers $52 million, reduces long-term debt

The Point: More funding for transportation improvements in Riverside County will be available through 2039 thanks to RCTC’s successful refinancing of more than $410 million in bonds.

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Our work continues to improve the #91fwy. Watch to see the latest:

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#theRCTC is meeting with community members to discuss solutions to traffic congestion on the 91 and I-15. ... See MoreSee Less

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Barbara Young, if you are on a desktop and hover over the bottom right corner of the video, a sound icon should pop up.

Let everyone use the toll roads for now. When they solve the traffic problems they can start with the toll roads again. This gives some immediate help to commuters.

Yep SB1- that dreaded gas tax no one wants. Guess it could help pay for improving this mess?

@Lee this project actually worsened traffic when it opened. They built it badly and it worsened the congestion because of the design.

I wish we could get to the problems you guys made for us today instead of tripping down memory lane. We’re literally buried in your mess today.

There's a lot of talking going on here but reading between the lines the bottom line is: get used to your 15 Mike commute taking an hour.

There is a big range between the current condition and 22 lanes. Can we stop pretending that there’s only two options: current or impossible

When you do improvements need to think on beyond the problem area all the 91 improvement did was back up the bottle necking back to La sierra and need to imprve

Let’s see if our transportation commission actually works for us or not. I tend to think they’re working for themselves more than for us.

Anne only talks money and income not what’s best for me others. They should do one toll and an extra driving lane. Tolls only help the rich.

They’re primarily concerned with the fiscal consequences over the traffic consequences. They could alleviate most of what they caused by opening the tolls.

They don't need gas tax hike. Gov.Brown says we have a surplus. Since State helped this mistake they should pay to fix it.

PLEASE do something to fix the traffic on the 91/15. 🙏 Its just seems to get worse and worse. I'm skeptical and this discussion isn't exactly inspiring...

Over one hour into this meeting, and Karen Spiegel has yet to make any comments fighting for correcting the problems in Corona, her area. Pathetic pathetic pathetic

If I was making a pizza and I was missing 3 components like dough and sauce, I would probably stop making the pizza....

Does Nelson Nelson say anything during this meeting at all. He should be responding to Amie’s questions, regarding how Corona and RTCT are going to interreacts, but he is silent. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Will put their solutions to great use on my trip there the end of March the 1st week in April to c3lebrate Chrissys 21st birthday with Bradley . ☆☆☆

If an organization doesn’t know how to spend money, and have positive results, who cares if they get any more money?

Karen is asking questions, almost like it’s the first time she’s been involved in this. I thought she was part of the team over the last year or two.......

Money money money money. It’s a worthless topic, if you can’t design something that works, which they have proven they can’t do.

Why are we having to go all the way to McKinley to get in the west bound? When at all the meetings before we were told different

Blah, Blah,Blah I hear hot air coming out of her mouth nothing else . It sad when emergency vehicles are detain because

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