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2 days ago

Garrett Baumann

Temecula and murrieta have over 100,000 residents each, but no freeway that connects them directly west to Orange County. Thy desperately need one, as does the entirety of Southern California. The 91 freeway is extremely congested and is the only freeway that connects Orange and riverside counties together and that's at the most northern tip of them, bordering San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. The 5 is almost always congested on the weekends along the Camp Pendleton stretch because there is no alternative route to take, and the 15 is congested in the Temecula region as well. Do you think it is needed to make a 30 mile east-west mountain pass from San Juan Capistrano to Temecula/murrieta (between the 5/73 junction and the following exit to the south and the 15/215 junction and the following exit to the south)? I think that this is absolutely needed in order to mitigate traffic within the 91/78/73/215 stretch. There is no current freeway that links the 5 and the 15 between the 91 and 78, a gap of more than 60 miles.

Also why are you now charging two person vehicles along the 91 express lanes? It isn't fair in my opinion, because they don't have to pay a toll when taking the HOV lanes, so why are you charging them tolls when they are tying to improve traffic by car pooling? Hardly anyone can drive with three people in their car. Nearly all of them can only drive with their spouse or friend or other family member. You're making traffic WORSE by discouraging them from using the express lanes and making them sit in the very congested main lanes. And even if they do find a third person, you're will gonna charge them during afternoon rush hours in weekdays going eastbound 91, which is one of the worst bottlenecks in the nation. They will TRY and car pool with as many people as they can within their communities, you don't need to force them to do so by law in order to access the express lanes for free. Please change the rules so that two person vehicles will not he charged tolls in order to use the express lanes, INCLUDING going eastbound during afternoon rush hours on weekdays which you are currently charging everyone who uses them then for.

Treat the express lanes like HOV lanes please. ONLY charge SINGLE person vehicles. You'll see a great improvement in traffic in both the main lanes and express lanes if you do what I suggest here.
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