The Point: The Federal Railroad Administration added CV Rail to its Corridor ID program and awarded this project a $500,000 grant

The Coachella Valley Rail Project (CV Rail) continues moving forward. Over the past year, the CV Rail project has made progress in getting funding for the next phase and coordinating closely with city and agency partners. Recently, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) made a big announcement to help keep project momentum going. The FRA added the CV Rail Project to the federal Identification and Development Program (Corridor ID) and awarded the project $500,000.

Why is this important? By being included in the Corridor ID program, the CV Rail project is now considered vital to developing intercity passenger rail across the Country. That’s a big deal. The designation will allow RCTC, Caltrans, and other project partners to better compete for engineering and construction grants as projects continue to move forward.

“I am pleased to see the Federal Rail Administration recognize the value CV Rail will bring to Riverside County. By including CV Rail in the Corridor ID program, the federal government has signaled that the project is viable and warrants attention,” said RCTC Chair and Lake Elsinore City Council Member Robert “Bob” Magee. “This designation will help CV Rail compete for more federal grants that will help get this service up and running for our residents,” he said.

CV Rail 2

In addition to being added to the Corridor ID program, the FRA will provide $500,000 to allow our project partners to create a Service Development Plan that will outline the future needs of passenger rail. The first round of route selections is intended to identify existing and potential new routes to create an intercity passenger rail system across the Country.

Daily intercity passenger rail to and from the Coachella Valley has long been a local and statewide priority. The new service will offer mobility choices, reduce traffic congestion, and expand economic opportunities by connecting the growing Riverside County desert communities to various resorts, commercial, retail, and quality jobs.

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