The Point: Riverside County transit service providers make it easy to bring your bike on a train or bus

Riding a bike can be a great source of exercise and fun. Bicycling with the warm sun and breeze is a great way to spend a quiet afternoon or have an adventure with friends and family.  But using a bike to get to work, school, and other appointments can be a great way to enjoy the open air while participating in multimodal, active transportation. Over the years, transit providers have made it easier to take a bicycle on board allowing riders to cover longer distances.

Riverside County transit providers, including local bus operators and Metrolink, have incorporated bike use into their transit structure by offering bike racks on buses and bike cars on Metrolink – making it possible to travel with your bike locally and regionally.

Want to take your bike on a new trek in Los Angeles or to Orange County. It’s easy to do while the weather is perfect across the Inland Empire to discover new regional destinations. Check out some of the bike-friendly travel options from Riverside County and regional transit providers.

RTA fixed-route and CommuterLink buses feature bike racks at the front of the bus. Load your bike on the bike rack by following the easy steps outlined on the RTA website at:

A bike rack is mounted to the front of every SunBus, offering riders greater flexibility and more options to get to their destination. Learn more at:

Want to take a ride into LA or Orange County? All Metrolink trains feature at least one bike car that can accommodate up to nine bicycles. These special cars are in addition to the regular cars that can accommodate three bikes. Learn more about taking your bike onboard:

The Riverside County Transportation Commission is proud to support active transportation programs that help reduce dependency on driving and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Riding a bike to work also qualifies as a rideshare mode in which you can receive incentives through the IE Commuter program.