The Point: Surfboards are now welcome on Metrolink trains thanks to an idea by Riverside teenager Ian Hughes.

Twelve-year-old Ian Hughes wanted to go surfing with his friends just like many young people growing up in Southern California.  And also like many Riverside County residents (of all ages), he didn’t want to sit in traffic to get to the beach.  So, he thought it would be a great idea to take the train instead.  The problem: Metrolink rail cars didn’t allow safe transport of surfboards.  Ian’s solution: write to his government representatives and ask for change.

In the spring of 2013, Ian researched other passenger rail systems in the U.S. that allow surfboards and wrote letters to State Senator Richard Roth and RCTC Commissioner Karen Spiegel, who at the time served on the Metrolink Board of Directors, asking for consideration.  RCTC received these letters and asked Metrolink to study possible solutions.  On June 9, 2017 Metrolink unveiled newly outfitted Bike/Surfboard Cars, in partnership with surf apparel company Hurley International. 

RCTC Surfers
Surfboards now welcome on Metrolink

Special surfboard netting is now installed in all Bike/Surfboard Cars, allowing five surfboards up to 6’ 4” to be safely stored during travel.  Other beach equipment such as bodyboards, boogie boards, beach chairs, sand toys, umbrellas, and ice chests are allowed on Metrolink trains, making it possible for Riverside County residents to have a complete day at the beach without the hassle of traffic.

Beachgoers can plan their trip on the train by checking out Metrolink’s How To Ride page.  Surfers should read and understand the surfboard rules and guide before heading to the train station.  Close beach access is provided by Metrolink stops in San Clemente and Oceanside.

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RCTC is grateful for Riverside County citizens such as Ian Hughes who bring forth productive ideas to connect and improve life in our community.  Thank you to Senator Roth, Metrolink, and its Board of Directors for listening and taking action so that this summer can be full of fun, sun, and surf!

RCTC owns and operates nine Metrolink rail stations in Riverside County. 

Ride 91/Perris Valley Line at a discount!

For six months, beginning May 25, 2017, passengers using one of RCTC’s four new stations on the 91/Perris Valley Line (Riverside-Hunter Park/UCR, Moreno Valley/March Field, Perris-Downtown, and Perris-South) are eligible for discounted tickets.  Discounts are also available for students, youth, and seniors.

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Surfers Invade Union Station For Surfboard Press Event

Metrolink hosted a media event Friday, June 9, to highlight the recent service update which now allows surfboards to be brought on every train.

The event featured State Senator Richard Roth (D-Riverside), Metrolink Board Chair Andrew Kotyuk, Metrolink Board Member and Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Director of Transportation Borja Leon, Hurley’s Creative Director Ryan Hurley, Metrolink CEO Art Leahy, and Ian Hughes, a Metrolink rider and surfer who first brought the idea of allowing surfboards on trains more than five years ago.

For more information about the surfboards on Metrolink trains, please click here.