The Point: Representatives Ken Calvert, Young Kim, and Mark Takano include RCTC funding requests for transit and highway projects in transportation spending bill

Transportation projects in Riverside County may receive a funding boost later this year with the help of our local congressional delegation. In a bid to move regionally significant projects forward, Representatives Ken Calvert, Young Kim, and Mark Takano have submitted three projects on RCTC’s behalf under the Congressional Community Project Funding (CPF) program.

In July, requests included in the Fiscal Year 2024 Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development Appropriations bill include three RCTC-led projects:

  • Representative Ken Calvert: $5 million for the Coachella Valley Rail Project
  • Representative Young Kim: $4 million for the State Route 91 Eastbound Corridor Operations Project
  • Representative Mark Takano: $500,000 for the Metrolink Double Track Project: Moreno Valley-Perris

Securing funding for the Coachella Valley Rail Project is critical to providing expanded passenger rail service to Riverside County residents, increasing access to jobs, education, and services. In July 2022, the Commission unanimously certified the Tier 1 Program-Level Environmental Document for the Coachella Valley Rail Project. Since certification, RCTC has been working diligently to secure state and federal funding for the Tier 2 environmental document that will identify and study potential station locations and detailed engineering, moving the project closer to shovel ready.

The 91 Eastbound Corridor Operations Project is in the early phases of planning. In partnership with Caltrans, the Orange County Transportation Authority, the City of Corona, and the Transportation Corridor Agencies, RCTC is proposing to add an eastbound 91 lane from the 241 Toll Road connector to the 71 in Corona. Engineering and environmental studies have begun and are expected to take 2-3 years. With the help of federal funding, RCTC can complete the engineering and environmental phase.

0323 91 ECOP Project Banner Web

As part of planned upgrades to the 91/ Perris Valley Line, the Metrolink Double Track Project: Moreno Valley-Perris will add a second set of tracks between the Moreno Valley/March Field Station and the Perris-South Station. The additional tracks will facilitate Metrolink improved operations, allow for increased future service and ensure reliability as part of Metrolink SCORE’s program – just in time for the 2028 Olympics.

With the support and leadership of Representatives Calvert, Kim, and Takano, funding for these much-needed transportation projects will help address the needs of Riverside County’s rapidly growing communities. RCTC will continue to closely monitor the appropriations process and advocate for increased transportation funding at the federal level.