The Point: By increasing public awareness and training, RCTC is taking a stand against human trafficking

Human trafficking is a gross violation of human rights, causing immeasurable harm to its victims, their families, and communities across U.S. and the globe. At times, human trafficking can infiltrate the different modes of public transportation where traffickers exploit the bus and passenger rail systems to move victims.  

In January, Riverside County Transportation Commission joined hundreds of transportation industry leaders across the country to sign the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Transportation Leaders Against Human Trafficking Pledge. This pledge reinforces RCTC’s continued commitment to combating and bringing awareness to human trafficking. 

0324 Point Banner HT Riverside Downtown Platform

As an operator of nine Metrolink stations in Riverside County, RCTC works in conjunction with Metrolink and bus operators to honor our commitment to help end human trafficking. This includes annual training for staff on recognizing the signs of human trafficking, driving broader public awareness, and tracking and sharing data with authorities.

We encourage our staff and passengers to join our efforts to end human trafficking. Stay alert. Recognize the signs. Speak up. To learn more about human trafficking and the steps Metrolink is taking to combat it, visit 

To report suspected human trafficking on Metrolink’s system to a nearby Metrolink representative or call or text the Security Operations Center at 866-640-5190. Always dial 911 in an emergency. Remember, never intervene personally. Instead, report your suspicions as soon as possible.  

Together, we can end human trafficking.