The Point: Members will help shape growing region and achieve habitat conservation goals

Want to make a difference in conserving habitat, streamlining transportation projects, and fostering economic development in western Riverside County? The Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority, also known as the RCA, is seeking volunteers to apply for membership of its Stakeholders Committee. Applications are available now.

RCTC began serving as the managing agency for the RCA on January 1 and supports the RCA Board of Directors’ commitment to engage the public in achieving the goals of the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan.  Through the MSHCP, the RCA is working to preserve 500,000 acres of habitat in western Riverside County to protect 146 animal and plant species. This effort helps communities and species thrive, accelerates construction of needed infrastructure like transportation projects and housing, and bolsters the economy.

RCA Chair Natasha Johnson is reinstituting the Stakeholders Committee this year. Membership applications are due October 25.

Johnson will appoint members to the committee for ratification by the RCA Board of Directors. The Committee will meet as requested by the Chair or Board — at least twice per year. Johnson encouraged qualified potential members to apply.

Committee members will give input to the RCA Board by reviewing implementation plans for the MSHCP. It is intended to bring together people with varying perspectives who share a common interest in the MSHCP’s success and who can help the RCA make continuous improvement. Members also will help increase awareness of the conservation plan and its benefits to western Riverside County.

The Stakeholders Committee, which will be appointed annually, will include up to 16 members, with membership from the following:

  • Groups representing property owners affected by the MSHCP
  • Groups representing environmental interests implicated by the MSHCP
  • Groups representing the building industry within the area affected by the MSHCP

To apply, go to Prospective members can submit the completed form online or can print a copy and submit by email to or by U.S. mail to:

Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority
Attn: David Knudsen
4080 Lemon Street, 3rd Floor
Riverside, CA 92501

For questions, please contact David Knudsen via email or by calling (951) 787-7141.