The Point: Voter-Approved Measure A and Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fees will provide $135 million in much need transportation funding throughout western Riverside County

The Riverside County Transportation Commission unanimously approved $135 million for 18 significant regional transportation projects in June. The approved projects will help relieve traffic congestion and improve transportation safety. From street widenings to a grade separation and roadways extension projects, these transportation projects are designed to improve mobility.

“Regional arterial roads are the backbone of our communities and their economies,” said Commission Chair and Lake Elsinore City Councilmember Robert “Bob” Magee. “RCTC continues to deliver on promises made to Riverside County voters to improve mobility for our residents and businesses. Many communities will see tangible results from the funds approved by the Commission,” he said.

Funding for arterial projects is vital for mobility and economic opportunities in Riverside County. Roadway arterials help our residents access their jobs, homes, and local businesses. Arterial projects such as the Bundy Canyon Rd./Scott Rd. Widening in Menifee will widen existing roadway, redesign and realign curves to current standards, construct new and improve existing traffic signals, and will provide an Active Transportation Corridor (ATP Corridor) for bicyclists, pedestrians, and even small electric vehicles.

0623 Point Bundy Canyon

Bundy Canyon Rd. in the City of Menifee

This is just one example of improvements on one project. Other projects throughout the County will see improved safety, connectivity, and air quality in our communities thanks to Measure A and TUMF.

Measure A, the voter-approved half-cent sales tax that provides funds for passenger rail, public transit, local streets and roads, and major highway projects, will fund approximately $85 million of the awarded amount. Measure A includes specific funding in western Riverside County for regional arterials, which are major regional roadways. The Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF) will provide $50 million of the awarded funds. TUMF is an impact fee on new land development in western Riverside County.

Projects receiving funding include:

  • City of Banning – Sun Lakes Extension ($13,500,000/Measure A)
  • City of Beaumont – Second St. Extension ($1,500,000/Measure A)
  • City of Beaumont – Potrero Interchange Phase 2 ($8,000,000/TUMF)
  • City of Calimesa – Realign Calimesa Blvd. at Cherry Valley Blvd. ($5,200,000/TUMF)
  • City of Corona – Ontario Ave. Widening ($7,938,781/Measure A)
  • City of Eastvale – Limonite Ave. Gap Closure Project ($13,500,000/Measure A)
  • City of Menifee – McCall Blvd. Widening Project ($3,140,000/Measure A)
  • City of Menifee – Bundy Canyon Rd./Scott Rd. Widening ($632,440/Measure A) & ($9,367,560/TUMF)
  • City of Moreno Valley – Indian St./Cardinal Ave. Bridge (Over Lateral A) ($750,000/Measure A)
  • City of Murrieta – Murrieta Hot Springs Rd. Widening – Margarita to SR-79 ($3,000,000/Measure A)
  • City of Perris – Ethanac Rd. Bridge over San Jacinto River & and Extension ($8,798,000/TUMF)
  • City of Riverside – Third St. Grade Separation ($12,000,000/Measure A)
  • City of San Jacinto – Esplanade Ave. Widening – Sanderson to Warren ($3,960,00/Measure A)
  • City of Temecula – Ynez Rd. Improvements ($1,475,000/Measure A)
  • City of Wildomar – Clinton Keith Rd. Widening ($2,254,919/Measure A) & ($3,396,221/TUMF)
  • City of Wildomar – Bundy Canyon Rd. Improvement – Segment 2 ($13,298,440/Measure A)
  • City of Wildomar – Bundy Canyon Rd. Improvement – Segment 3 ($8,050,420/Measure A)
  • County of Riverside – Cajalco Rd. Widening and Safety Enhancement ($15,000,000/TUMF)

Including last week’s approved projects, Measure A Arterial Regional program has provided funding to more than 25 regional arterial projects since its inception in 2009.