The Point: Transit Training Program Helps Travelers Navigate Affordable System.

The City of Beaumont’s travel training program for public transit passengers offers area residents opportunities to learn how to travel the region utilizing the City’s public transit system.

As an affordable alternative to automotive travel, the program’s motivation is to educate residents about how to use transit as a means to explore and region and connect to popular destinations.

The first class of graduates from the new transit training program graduated this year. Groups of passengers met at the Beaumont Walmart and boarded Pass Transit’s service to San Bernardino Metrolink.

From there, they took the Metrolink train to LA Union Station, where riders can connect to destinations throughout the Greater Los Angeles region.

City staff note that residents often have a desire to try transit but do not know how to plan and execute the trip. That’s where Pass Transit steps in to educate people about how to travel without a car. The transit training program helps familiarize residents to public transportation options, overcoming uncertainties about using our regional transit system.

As the public transportation agency for Riverside County, the Riverside County Transportation Commission supports public transit use countywide and is a funding partner for all country transit agencies, including Pass Transit.

The program has grown in the past few months, graduating 14 trainees in July, 17 in August, and 18 in September. Reservations for upcoming travel training trips are fielded by Pass Transit staff. While the program now has a waiting list, you can learn more about the program by calling Pass Transit at 951.769.8530 or visit