The Point: A look back at a year of tremendous progress on transformative project in Corona

With more than a year of construction under its belt, the 71/91 Interchange Project in Corona has undergone a remarkable transformation since breaking ground in January 2023. The project has been a testament to innovation, safety, and collaboration, with a dedicated team of project managers, engineers, and construction crews working tirelessly to bring the project closer to reality.  

During the past year, our hardworking construction crews have poured over 1,400 cubic yards of concrete, excavated over 300,000 cubic yards of dirt along the 91 and 71, set nearly 100 beams across the 91, and installed more than 14,000 linear feet of k-rail throughout the project. Along the edges of the 71, excavated hillsides and an array of equipment including cranes, drill rigs, manlifts, excavators, and bulldozers emphasize the project’s scale, complexity, and accelerated schedule. 

In just the last few months, construction crews installed a massive 160-foot-long rebar steel cage weighing 232,000 pounds in the median of the 91 and poured 700 cubic yards of concrete to build the foundation for one of the columns of the new connector. An intricate web of support structures was then placed to create the falsework structure that currently stands over the eastbound and westbound 91 lanes. Standing over 30-feet tall and consisting of more than 200 steel beams, this support structure allows crews to construct the new overhead connector roadway. A new section of falsework will be installed later this year and will connect to the existing portion above the 91.  

RCTC, in partnership with Caltrans, continues to make tremendous progress into 2024 to ensure this project’s safe delivery. Significant retaining wall installation progress allowed paving operations for new southbound 71 lanes to begin earlier this year. Once concrete paving and new lane striping is complete, preparation for traffic and lanes shift will begin later in the year. 

Once completed, the new non-tolled interchange will not only enhance transportation connectivity, but also improve roadway safety, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance traffic flow – providing long-lasting benefits to the region and beyond. The new connector is expected to open in 2025. 

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