I Support Upgrading the 71/91 Interchange

Thousands of people in our communities are voicing their support for improving transportation in Riverside County.  RCTC is seeking community support once again to obtain state and federal grants to upgrade the State 71/91 Interchange in Corona.

The 71/91 interchange is operationally obsolete and is a traffic bottleneck on the highly congested 91 corridor. The new interchange will improve traffic flow and safety for eastbound travelers on the 91 and those merging on from Green River Road.

RCTC has designed the new interchange and is ready to build it, but there is not enough local funding available. RCTC is aggressively seeking state and federal grants to help pay for construction.

The 71/91 interchange is just one of several improvements RCTC is working on to ease congestion, in collaboration with Caltrans and agencies in Orange County, and in response to the public.  Fully-funding this ready-to-build project will assist in advancing additional transportation solutions on the 91 corridor in Riverside and Orange Counties.

Register your support for the 71/91 interchange below to include your name in RCTC’s applications for state and federal funding assistance.

RCTC will continue to advocate for transportation funds that will grow our economy, increase safety, and eases congestion.

Thank you for your support!

Click here to learn more about the 71/91 project.