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The Traffic Relief Plan is a county-wide strategy to improve traffic flow and safety, keep infrastructure in good condition, provide greater access to public transportation, and keep Riverside County as a region of opportunity for its residents. RCTC developed the Plan based on feedback from Riverside County residents and their elected representatives.

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Investment Types

Safe Streets & Roads

The Plan includes comprehensive safe streets and road improvements throughout this region including pothole repair and road maintenance; sidewalks and pedestrian safety infrastructure; protected bicycle lanes; roadway improvements in high-accident areas; bus shelters; bridge repairs; improvements to railroad crossings, including bridges to separate roads from railroad tracks (grade separations); traffic calming measures; bypass roads and median barriers. In this region, there is a special need for protecting roads, sidewalks, and bicycle facilities from flooding and other natural hazards. The Plan also builds upon innovative emerging technology by including technology to synchronize and interconnect traffic signals; improvements to provide accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Examples include:

  • I-10 Bypass between Banning and Cabazon


Improving traffic flow on state highways by constructing new lanes, improving interchanges (on-and off-ramps and bridges) and public transportation facilities, and utilizing innovative technologies.

Examples include:

  • Add Express Lanes on I-10 between State Route 60 in Beaumont and Highway 111
  • Reconstruct interchanges on I-10 at State Route 79 (Beaumont Avenue) in Beaumont,
  • Reconstruct interchanges on I-10 at Highland Springs Avenue in Beaumont and Banning,
  • Reconstruct interchanges on I-10 at Pennsylvania Avenue in Beaumont,
  • Reconstruct interchanges on I-10 at Morongo Parkway
  • Reconstruct interchanges on I-10 at Main Street in Cabazon,
  • Reconstruct interchanges on I-10 at County Line Road in Calimesa
  • Reconstruct interchanges on I-10 at Cherry Valley Boulevard in Calimesa

Regional Connections

Constructing multi-modal transportation corridors that connect parts of Riverside County, relieving congestion on existing highways and local roads.

Examples include:

  • I-10 Bypass between Banning and Cabazon

Public Transportation

Increasing frequency and safety of trains and buses; building new tracks, parking, and stations; extending rail service; sustaining operation of rail service throughout the county; expanding bus service options including rapid/express buses; on-demand transit options known as “micro-transit”; modernizing and adding zero-emission buses; providing targeted transit services and keeping bus fares low for seniors, veterans, students, and individuals with disabilities; upgrading bus stops and amenities; and improving connections between home, school, and employment centers.

Examples include:

  • Expand rail service into new areas of Riverside County such as the Beaumont/Banning/Cabazon/Calimesa areas and into the Coachella Valley
  • Construct new rail stations, such as in the Beaumont/Banning/Calimesa/Cabazon areas
  • Sustaining and expanding rapid/commuter bus services along major corridors in Riverside County to destinations such as Beaumont, Banning, and Calimesa