SR-91 Project
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Project Status
Under Construction
Extend tolled express lanes on the 91 between the Orange County/Riverside County line and Interstate 15. Add one regular lane between State Route 71 and I-15. Add one regular lane from the 15/91 Interchange to Pierce Street. Improve five local interchanges and the 15/91 Interchange.
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Construction Start
July 2014
Construction End
$1.4 billion
Jobs Created

15/91 Interchange:
Add tolled express lane direct connectors between the 91 and I-15

91/Main Street:
Interchange improvements

91/Lincoln Avenue:
Interchange improvements

91/Maple Street:
Interchange improvements

91/Serfas Club-Auto Center Drive:
Interchange improvements

71/91 Interchange:
Interchange improvements

91/Green River Road:
Interchange improvements

Metrolink and Express Bus Service:
Metrolink and Express Bus service will be expanded

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