Location: State Route 60 between Gilman Springs Road to 1.37 miles west of Jack Rabbit Trail, unincorporated Riverside County

Construction: Short Range

Investment: $138.4 Million

Jobs Created: 2,491

For more information about this project, please visit the Caltrans website.


RCTC, in cooperation with Caltrans, has proposed to construct an eastbound truck-climbing lane and westbound truck-descending lane on State Route 60 in a portion of unincorporated Riverside County between Gilman Springs Road and 1.37 miles west of Jack Rabbit Trail. The project also would upgrade existing inside and outside shoulders to standard widths (10-foot inside shoulder and 12-foot outside shoulder). The Initial Study with Mitigated Negative Declaration/Environmental Assessment with Finding of No Significant Impact prepared for the SR-60 Truck Lanes project was approved on May 16, 2016. Further project development is subject to available funding.

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