Project Status: NEAR TERM

Location: I-15 Railroad Canyon Road, Lake Elsinore

Construction: Scheduled to begin in summer 2020

Investment: $45 million

Jobs Created: To be determined


Phase 1 of the I-15 Railroad Canyon Road Interchange Project is designed to ensure that the Railroad Canyon Road interchange is able to accommodate the projected increase in traffic volumes for this area. The project is intended to improve operations, safety and capacity and enhance economic opportunities for the region. Phase II of the project, which includes a new I-15 Franklin Avenue Interchange, could be constructed in the future. The City of Lake Elsinore is the Lead and Sponsoring Agency; RCTC is managing this project on its behalf.

Project Timeline

  • 2000: City of Lake Elsinore and Caltrans conducted a Project Study Report. Five alternatives and a no-build alternative were approved in the PSR in 2003.
  • 2006: A Value Analysis Study was performed to evaluate each alternative.
  • 2008: A draft Traffic Impact Analysis Study was completed, which identified four traffic scenarios. An Alternative Reduction Workshop was held and three alternatives were advanced for further study. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) provided suggestions to improve two alternatives, and in 2009, the City of Lake Elsinore and Caltrans eliminated the third remaining alternative.
  • 2013: City of Lake Elsinore requested that RCTC manage the Project on its behalf.
  • 2017: Caltrans released the Draft Environmental Document (DED). After comments were received, Caltrans selected Alternative 2, which consists of construction of the interchange with hook ramps at Grape Street. The Federal Highway Administration approved the project’s Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).